12 reasons why you should never be without blue Dawn in your house


The reasons why you should never be without blue Dawn in your home

The original blue Dawn plate soap is a essential in households. Couldn’t be a perfect cleanser any more . You can also use it for various other household purposes .

1- Make the miracle cleaner :

* This incorporation of vinegar / blue Dawn cuts through soap froth / grease/ & dirt to give you an attractive house . Just combine dawn & vinegar in a spray bottle . Sprinkle it on, and you will see the result with your own eyes .

2 – Easily remove stains :

* This miracle easily solution removes a lot of different types of stains . Just combine a large spoon dawn, and 3 large spoon hydrogen peroxide, also large spoon baking soda in a little plate & treatment tough stains .

3 – Clean your windows for pennies

* You only need a bottle with a mixture of water and two drops of blue dawn , this is what it takes with a clean towel to use .

4 – Fast scrub the tub and shower

Add blue Dawn / vinegar to a dish wand and you can keep it . Just
clean the bathtub

5 – Kill weeds in your pantry

Vinegar / salt / and blue dawn it enables you to have a strong killer mixture without chemical damage

6 – De-skunk your dog

You can make medicine for your dog with a mixture hydrogen,blue Dawn, baking soda, and lemon essential oil , which creates great ability to remove bad smells .

7 – Clean your car floor mats

Since you always drive,the carpet at your fett will get dirty a lot . So you can to mix between dawn blue / hydrogen an a sprinkle bottle .

8 – Start your manicure the right way

It is a dangerous cleanser for you nails, the look of which will become more soft and beautiful Just blend dawn ; water ; lemon juice and olive oil

9 – Keep insects out on plants :

Just fill a bottle of water and blue dawn , let you eliminate insects
Enjoy with this information !



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