15 Awesome And Unexpected Uses For Liquid Dish Soap


Dishwashing liquid is a very effective degreasing product known worldwide for its degreasing properties on grease or protein stains. Moreover, as its name suggests, it is used primarily, if not only, for washing the dishes. But you should know that this liquid soap is a product just as economical as it is multi-use! Everyone has them at home, even in homes where there is a dishwasher.


1) To degrease and shine your tools


Just mix a little of this very strong detergent to degrease with lukewarm water and rub to find your tools like new!



2) Clothes like new!

You can no longer remove the butter stain from this morning, the oil splashes from your midday, the ink marks from your leaking pen or the lipstick stain that your beloved inadvertently left on your shirt? Apply a little washing-up liquid to the stain in question and scrub with a toothbrush, then machine and your favorite blouse will have regained its youth.


3) shampoo for oily hair

As surprising as it may sound, dish soap has the same basic composition as your shampoos: water and one or more washing agents. Surprising and rather disturbing, isn’t it? If you compare your shampoo with your dish soap, the first 2 ingredients (the largest amount) present will be: water and sodium laureth sulfate which is a cleaning agent.



4) As an ice pack

Fill a plastic bag with a zip closure with washing-up liquid and place it in the freezer, in contact with the cold. Thus, your bag will be effectively cold, but will keep all its flexibility!



5) Clean your blender

A blender isn’t the easiest to clean, especially when you’ve just spent 2 hours baking a beautiful cake for stepmom! Fill it with lukewarm water and a little washing-up liquid, then swirl, rinse and your blender will be clean.


6) a top manicure


After your manicure, soak your nails in lukewarm water with a few drops of washing up liquid.



7) an insect repellent


Look no further, you have some at home, yes, it is THE miracle product for eliminating aphids and other insects from your plants.


Against aphids: mix 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid (preferably ecological) in 20 cl of water. Spray once a week until your plants are calm.



8) To unclog the toilet

Pour 1 cup of dishwashing liquid and leave for 15 minutes. then add hot water and your toilet will unclog easily.


9) The creaking doors?

You come back from your outing with the girlfriends. A little alcoholic, you try somehow to enter your room discreetly without making any noise, damn door! Too late, you are spotted. To remedy the squeaking of your doors, lubricate your handle or your door hinges with a little washing-up liquid.


10) Defrost easily


In winter, dishwashing liquid will be your friend to defrost your driveway, staircase or windshield. Pour in a tablespoon of it, a tablespoon of alcohol and 2 liters of water.


11) find the softness of your cuddly toys

Wash your fluff in a basin of lukewarm water with a little washing up liquid, rinse and allow to air dry.


12) wash your buoys

Summer is coming, we’ll have to bring out the buoys and the inflatable boat! To clean them easily, rub them in with washing-up liquid and then rinse with clean water. Residues and grime will be gone and your boat will have its effect on the beach.


13) Find the shine of your jewelry

Use a toothbrush to rub some of this soap on your gold or silver jewelry. Your jewelry will shine brightly and no one will notice it’s the rusty old ring you’ve been wearing for years.


14) Fogging? It’s over !


The washing-up liquid has the effect of being a protective film which therefore prevents the formation of fogging. Use it on your glasses, windows or mirrors.


15) Weedkiller for your Garden


Mix a teaspoon of dish soap in 3l of white vinegar and a cup of salt.  This cleansing soap has a texture that allows the mixture to stick to the leaves. White vinegar on the other hand is a formidable herbicide thanks to the acetic acid it contains.



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