4 Ways To Remove Soap Scum From Shower Doors.


I saw my 2-year-old glass shower doors were stacked with what surmise as soap scum. I tried Windex and a lot of different sprays I had around the house and nothing seemed to work. That is the point at which I quit fooling around about finding the answer to this issue. I went to my favorite website where answers to these inquiries are constantly found. I read and read and contemplated each strategy referenced and chose to limit my test to 4 strategies that appeared to get the best reactions.

1. Magic eraser with some dishwashing liquid on it. Many people swore that this technique was the best.

2. Fly dry – somebody on the site said they applied the stream dry and the cleanser rubbish just began to rise off.

3. Bar Keepers Friend – cooktop rendition –  this is the watery kind, not the powder kind.

4. Dryer Sheet – people said this worked like magic, but no one could clarify why.

Here are the 4 test choices:

So my child (who is in sixth grade and figured this trial may prove to be useful for a class task) and I divided up the entryway into 4 segments and gave every technique a shot one area:

Method 1:

With this technique, we used a magic eraser with some dishwashing fluid on it. The hypothesis here is that the dishwashing liquid cuts oil and the magic eraser has extraordinary forces to wipe away a wide range of obscure spots and stains. People depended on this strategy. I cleaned really hard with this, washed it off and I scarcely saw any distinction. It didn’t make a gouge in evacuating the water stains.

Method 2:

I applied the Jet Dry-type fluid on the green piece of a wipe (the inferior side) and cleaned it hard. I didn’t perceive any sort of frothing of the cleanser rubbish. After I washed this off I scarcely saw any distinction.

Method 3:

I got some Bar Keeper’s Friend from Price Chopper and honestly, I didn’t figure this one would work by any stretch of the imagination. I do use this on tempered steel (the pot, the sink, stove top) and it works great yet the outcomes aren’t actually astounding. I poured a portion of this on the green piece of the wipe, began cleaning and when I washed it off all the cleanser rubbish had mystically vanished. It was astounding. I’m talking all the cleanser filth was no more.

Method 4:

People depended on this technique which is the place you take a wet dryer sheet (albeit then I read to use a dry sheet) and wipe that over the cleanser rubbish. I wet my dryer sheet and scoured and scoured, at that point cleaned this segment off and…. no observable contrast. I didn’t have a lot of trust in this and I was correct, it didn’t work.

What’s more, the WINNER is Bar Keepers Friend – cooktop:

Look at these when shots.

This is the Before shot glancing through the shower entryway at the sink. Disgusting, correct?

Also, here’s a similar shot After.  You presumably think this shot isn’t through the entryway, yet it is. I made a point to see out handle in the shot. Truly astounding, would it say it isn’t? I don’t prefer to support items, but Bar Keeper’s Friend is currently my new companion.