Banana split lasagna

This recipe is frankly easy to make with simple ingredients And voila


* ingredients:


° 1 clove of garlic

° 1 shallot

° 125 g of bolognese sauce

° 500 g of minced meat

° 6 plantains

* For the béchamel

° Basil

° Salt or fine salt

° Pepper

° Olive oil

° 50 cl of milk

° 40 g of flour

° 40 g of butter


* Preparation



Cut the bananas into strips lengthwise and fry them in a tablespoon of oil.

In a saucepan, melt the butter over low heat.

Sprinkle the flour and form a ball and add the milk little by little. Add salt and pepper.



In a frying pan, brown the meat, add the shallot, then the bolognese sauce, salt and pepper as desired.



Butter the bottom of a dish, garnish it with a layer of béchamel, a layer of banana, a layer of meat and repeat the operation.


* Tips

Ideal for a family lunch. According to taste, add a pinch of ginger powder in the béchamel sauce and serve the dish with a passion fruit juice sauce with fresh cream that you will reduce.





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