Banana Split Pie


This easy to make no-bake pie is one of my childhood favorites. My Mom would make this pie for special family occasions.

Banana Split Pie is an easy no-bake banana dessert made with a graham cracker pie crust full of cream cheese, bananas, whipped cream, pineapple, chocolate syrup and cherries. A refreshing banana split dessert that is easy to make and serve!

We armed wrestled at Home Style HQ about what made this pie so darn good:

The delightful crunch of Texas pecans
The crispy graham cracker crust
Sweet, chilled bananas
Who doesn’t love cherries on top?
Um, pineapple?
This recipes makes 2 pies; 2 for you or 1 each for you and a friend, if you’re into sharing 🙂
This pie makes a sweet 10.0 dismount from any summer meal. Enjoy!

Here is how to prepare it:
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