Beef and Noodles


Crock Pot Beef and Noodles
I love traveling to other states and learning about the food that is popular in those states. You learn a lot about the people who live there and it often tells you a lot about the history of the state – just with food! I recently went to Indiana to hang out with some awesome folks in agriculture and also enjoyed the food while I was there. My hubby is from Indiana so I knew all about enjoying a big ole fried pork sandwich and a slice of sugar cream pie with a cold glass of root beer. And as you move up north, where a lot of Polish immigrants settled, you’ll see a lot of kielbasa and sauerkraut. But one item I didn’t know about was beef and noodles. Now, unfortunately I didn’t get to eat any of it while visiting but I noticed it on a menu at a diner we visited (where I had the pork sandwich – yum!) I also noticed a lot of folks had apparently ordered the beef and noodle dish because it came out of the kitchen in a pretty heavy rotation.

Here is how to prepare it:
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