Best Steak Marinade In Existence



People often prefer grilling using charcoal, but not necessarily grilling with charcoal, as there are ways and recipes for grilling meat in the oven in delicious and delicious ways, and for this we will show different methods related to methods of preparing steak, that is, anyone looking for how to make grilled steak in the oven should read this The article containing the easiest ways to make an oven.


° A tablespoon of rosemary.
° A tablespoon ground parsley.
° Three teaspoons of basil.
° A tablespoon of thyme.
° Small spoon of salt.
°A teaspoon of black pepper.
° 3 cloves .
° tsp of white vinegar.
° tsp of lemon juice.
° tsp of sugar.
° tsp of olive oil.
° tsp of powdered onion.

* How to prepare :

Put all the spices in a bowl. Mix vinegar, lemon and olive oil on the spices, then mix the ingredients well. Put the marinade on the steak, then put it in the fridge for four hours.




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