Best Steak Marinade In Existence


Marinades are to add flavor to meat but also when made with acid ingredients, like lemon juice here, they will also tenderize some.

The inspiration is a very popular recipe around the internet on blogs and recipe sites. The original (I think) is known as “Best Steak Marinade in Existence” on

Only a few changes to simplify the technique and some minor changes to make it friendly for smaller amounts.

While I’ve been off working, John has apparently been at home making this little steak marinade and slathering it on rib-eyes for every friend we have. Maybe even his side girlfriends. Ew I’d be more mad at the fact he was cooking for his mistresses than I would be for the sex part. Is that disturbing or what? It’s totally true. Anyhow, I only had the pleasure of trying it for the first time just the other night. And wowza, seriously, IT’S GOOD.

My personal favorite part is that when I asked him where he got the recipe, he said, “I’ll email it to you”. So I’m thinking John came up with his own special john-coction,

John pretty much googled, “best steak marinade” and found what is actually the best steak marinade in existence. I actually hope he googled “best steak marinade in existence” and it came up with this direct hit. Men. So easy.

Instructions are easy. Blend it. Pour it. Soak it. Grill it.

Here is how to prepare it:
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