This is an incredible meal from a crock pot. Not only are they delicious, rich and delicious, but they are also easy to prepare. Cooking the chicken low and slow for several hours makes it tender and flavorful. The noodles taking on flavor chicken & cream soup to make whole pot tempting . Even your picky eater will clean his plate.




*  Ingredients:



° 2 cans cream chicken soup.


° 2 chicken broth boxes.


° 500 grams of chicken breast.


° A cup of softened butter.


° 1 kg of frozen egg noodles.



* Steps:



Step 1: At the bottom of a medium sized pot, place the chicken breasts on the ground.



Step 2: Add chicken broth and soup to the top. Then we add a cup of butter to it.



Third step: Place the crock in the slow cooker for 4 to 5 hours.



The fourth step: Take the chicken out of the pot, cut it and return it to the pot.



Fifth step: Mix the noodles and vegetables together and leave them on low heat for an additional hour, stirring every 10 minutes.



Step 6: Adding fresh parsley if request & serve hot.



Enjoy it   !



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