crescent cheese danishes


crescent cheese danishes no need to go to the bakery every morning to take the cake . You can make it in your home in an easy and smooth way and smooth way and have a delicious breakfast with your family membres .

* Ingredients :

☞ 1 cup brown sugar
☞ 1 cup white sugar
☞ 1 vanilla extract
☞ 3 crescent roll tubes
☞ 1 (9 oz.) pack pepper cream cheese
☞ 2 butter
☞ 1 small spoon lemon juice

Glaze :

☞ 4 large spoon milk
☞ 1 cup powder sugar
☞ 1 small spoon vanilla extract

* Methods :

1 – Preheat oven to 350 degrees . In a electric mixer combine cream cheese; lemon juice ,pure vanilla and white sugar .

2 – Open your crescent rool tubes and use a sharp knife to cut through them slicing them and make thick slices place every slice an a parchement , for hold the filling use your fingers

3 – Add melted butter and add in the brown sugar and mix and put the mixture over every danish

4 – Bake in oven for 19 minand let cool and add a drizzles of glaze

* Note concerning Glaze :
In a small bowl mix all ingredients until smooth .




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