DIY Mold Removal



To overcome the mushrooms present in your home

Dangerous to health, mold must absolutely be eliminated. Often present in damp rooms such as the bathroom, the kitchen or the cellar, the latter can be found on walls as well as on fabrics or joints .


To remove it effectively, here are 7 grandmother’s tips for you to try at home !


7 grandma’s tips for removing mold in the bathroom

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Tip # 1: white vinegar for the walls

If you don’t know how to get rid of the traces of mold that have seized your wall, bring a bottle of white vinegar.


Dilute 300ml of vinegar with 200ml of water in a spray bottle, then spray this cleanser directly on the spots. It is then important to leave it on for several hours and then wipe off with a dry cloth.


Tip # 2: toothpaste and yeast for the tissues

Did you find old towels in Granny’s cupboard, but they are stained with mold?


If you really like them, don’t throw them away and use the following trick to clean them. Mix toothpaste with a sachet of baking powder, soak a toothbrush and then scrub. Leave to act and then put everything in the machine.


Tip # 3: baking soda for the joints

Not very aesthetic, the mold in the joints of bathroom tiles tends to return regularly due to the ubiquitous humidity in this room.


To regain their whiteness of yesteryear, one method works every time: mixing a glass of white vinegar with 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Brush the joints with your preparation, leave to act for 10 minutes then rinse. The result is amazing !


Tip # 4: essential oils to eliminate mold odors

Mix equal parts water and white vinegar. Add a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil as well as a few drops of lavender essential oil.


The tea tree as well as the vinegar will eliminate the traces of mold, while the lavender will dispel the smell of mold.


Tip # 5: black soap to remove mildew from tile joints

Black soap is very effective against traces of mold. Pour a little black soap on the tile joints to be cleaned and leave to act for a few minutes to fully dislodge the mold.


Then rub with a sponge or brush, before rinsing well to remove all traces of mold.


You can also use this black soap preparation on mold-soaked carpets and shower curtains .



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