DIY Mold Removal


The amount of water vapor in the air has a great role in giving the atmosphere the different climatic characteristics of all regions on the globe, and scientists have called this vapor the term (humidity), which is an important component of the elements and weather factors as it affects and is affected by everything that surrounds it, meaning Humidity is a language of the origin of the wet, that is, the opposite of the land, and as a terminology it is the air condition that is related to the amount of air containing water vapor, and in other words it is possible to explain the concept of humidity as the amount of water vapor present in the surrounding atmosphere or on different surfaces, which takes the form of invisible water molecules, Water also enters the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere, where it helps to trap some dangerous solar rays and absorb some long sound waves.


Coarse salt is an effective household way to get rid of moisture in the home, by distributing quantities of it in flat packages and distributing it to areas that suffer from moisture, especially those narrow areas that do not reach good ventilation, to get rid of it permanently, or reduce its appearance, due to The ability of salt to absorb excess moisture in the rooms, and prevent the formation of stubborn mold spots. As for how to use it, it can be summarized in the following steps: [6] Putting a kilogram of coarse salt in flat packages, so that those containers are completely filled with salt. Distribute packages of salt around the home that suffer from the accumulation of moisture and mold. Leave the salt for several days in wet areas, until the color of the salt changes from white to black. Change the salt as soon as it changes color, to absorb more mold.



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