Doritos Casserole


One plate of this cheesy casserole recipe has the power to turn a frown upside down. What’s more, it’s incredibly easy to make, so say good-bye to stress at the kitchen door. Because this ground beef casserole is so easy to make, Doritos Casserole with Ground Beef is sure to become one of your favorite go-to weeknight meals.
If you have never tried making a Dorito casserole with beef before, then now is the perfect time to make our recipe for Doritos Casserole with Ground Beef. It’s amazing how well the cheesy, crunchy chips complement the ground beef filling. Try making this Dorito casserole for your next taco night and serve it up with all of your favorite taco fixings. You’ll want to include this casserole in your rotation of ground beef recipes!

Here is how to prepare it:
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