Ever time you smoke, this is what you are actually consuming


No one can deny that cigarettes are bad for us. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 484,000 Americans lose their lives to cigarettes annually. In similar veins, 3,200 Americans under the age of 18 smoke their first cigarette each day, reports Medical Daily. Afer learning what’s actually in cigarettes, you may change your mind.
The graph below from SmokeFreeForsythe.org shows the harrowing ingredients used in cigarettes. When you see the image below and understand its meaning, the following names: hexamine, stearic acid, and cadmium would mean you much than ever.

Does the diagram above scared you? If so, that’s perfect. The reality is what you thought.

Cigarettes contain cadmium from batteries, butane from lighter fluid, methane from sewer gas, and arsenic from poison. Worse than this, they contain ammonia from toilet cleaner, methanol from rocket fuel, hexamine from barbecue lighters, and stearic acid from candle wax. Yuck!
This diagram just isn’t cutting if you are a chronic smoker. We have one more idea for you, just keep reading.
Also, considering how quickly the body recovers after you put the pack away will encourage you to quit. The American Cancer Society explains that just 20 minutes after smoking, your heart rate and blood pressure drops. It doesn’t stop there.
Two weeks later, your circulation improves and your lung function increases. Not to mention, giving up smoking for one year would drop the risk of heart disease in half.
In fact, you’ll notice many other changes as you stop it. For instance, food will taste better, your breath, hair and clothes will smell better, and your teeth and fingernails will be white once more. It won’t be easy, but the benefits are immense. You’ll look and feel miles better.
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