Hamburger bread

the ingredients:

Three cups of flour, two tablespoons of instant yeast, two tablespoons of sugar, four tablespoons of butter, an egg, half a spoon of salt, a cup of milk, jelljans.

How to prepare:

Put the milk in a bowl on the fire until it is warm, add sugar, salt, yeast and butter, and leave it on low heat until the butter dissolves constantly stirring, preferably using a pot that keeps the milk warm without burning.
Remove the milk from the fire after it reaches a medium temperature. Then add the vinegar and egg to the milk, stir by handbrake or electric bat and at a quiet speed until the egg trail disappears.

Then add a cup of flour, continue beating with the bumper, add the second cup with the whisk, then the third cup.
Mix the mixture well by hand until you have a soft, cohesive paste and do not stick to the edges of the bowl or hand. Continue kneading for 5 minutes on a greased surface.
Place the dough in a large bowl, leave it in a warm place, and cover it with a clean cloth for an hour until it doubles. Divide the dough into several sections according to the size of the desired piece of bread, pressing it slightly.
Heat the oven at a high temperature for 10 minutes, then loosen it to the middle when baking. Put the dough into the oven tray after painting with a little oil, leaving a space between each piece to give it a chance to mature.

Put a little liquid butter on the face, then sprinkle a little glugalan with pressure on it to avoid falling after the bread.
Pour the Chinese into the oven and leave for 25 minutes until cooked. Then heat the face until it becomes golden.



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