Here’s Why She Rubs Aspirin into Her Hair. Did You recognize it Could do all this?

Aspirin is known to treat different types of pain … But did you know that it is also very effective for many other uses? Here are some aspirin tips you never imagined!

Aspirin: the most common drug in homes

Most people have aspirin in their medicine cabinet, which they usually use when pain occurs: headache, inflammation, etc. But aspirin contains assets that can do a lot more than just relieve a pain in the head. Here are some non-medicinal uses for aspirin that can be very helpful tips under different circumstances.



  1. Go to war on dandruff!

Aspirin contains salicylic acid, a chemical that has many uses. Thanks to its strong moisturizing power on the scalp, aspirin will help reduce the formation of dandruff in the hair. Indeed, according to Dr. Joshua Zeichner, specialist in dermatology and cosmetics, the application of aspirin, combined with your usual shampoo, will help reduce inflammation of the scalp by promoting its exfoliation and thus reduce dandruff.


How to proceed ? This trick is to be practiced two to three times a week to see results. Crush two aspirins in a dab of your usual shampoo then massage your scalp with this mixture to make the aspirin work well. Then wait a few minutes before rinsing it off.


  1. It beautifies the skin!

The salicylic acid in aspirin removes excess oil and dead cells. Indeed, this drug is a formidable opponent against acne and psoriasis by unclogging pores, reducing inflammation and reducing skin damage and redness.


How to proceed ? In a small amount of water (about 40 ml) pour the equivalent of five crushed tablets. Mix to make a paste with a texture that looks like a mask. Optionally, you can also add a teaspoon of pure honey. Apply to skin avoiding the eye area and leave on for 10 to 30 minutes. After that, you can wash your face as usual.


  1. It removes marks and stains caused by sweat on your clothes

The consequence of sweat stains on your clothes is that the trail of perspiration left behind will become almost waterproof and difficult to wash off in machine washes. But rest assured: it is not inevitable! Aspirin can help you a lot. How to proceed ? Make a small amount of the paste with crushed aspirin and a little water that you will apply directly to the stain. Once applied, leave on for a few minutes and rinse with water. Then you can machine wash your garment.


  1. It can save you from a car breakdown!


You will probably find this use amazing, but aspirin is also very useful in a car. In which circumstances ? If your battery is dead, in the middle of nowhere, put a few aspirin tablets inside your battery. According to Reader’s Digest, the salicylic acid in aspirin will cause a reaction in the presence of sulfuric acid in the battery to restart your engine! This will give your battery a boost, at least to allow you to move your car to the nearest station. So you know what you have to do: always have an aspirin tube in your glove box, it can always be useful in the event of a breakdown!


  1. It improves the quality of your plants

Aspirin can have an anti-germination action and stop the growth of mold, two of the main causes of wilting flowers in your garden. To keep your plants and flowers growing longer, add an aspirin pill to the water you usually pour for watering or to your vase to maintain your bouquet.



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