You only need 7 ingredients to make this dinner roll. These freshly baked dinner rolls, fluffy, fluffy and buttery, excel any main dish.


If you are a beginner at baking, read this blog post to learn more about this yeast roll recipe, including how to prepare rolls in advance.


You can also refer to my Baking With Yeast guide for answers to common questions about common yeast.


Dinner rolls in a glass skillet


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Are you yearning to bake homemade bread but afraid to get started?

Does yeast dough let you run toward the hills?

Do baking recipes seem too complicated and confusing?


I teach you how to make homemade dinner rolls. These are the best homemade dinner rolls I have ever eaten, and it all starts with a straightforward 7-ingredient dough. I make these menus whenever I get the chance and bring a frying pan for our friends who have just welcomed a baby boy. It’s a soft pillow with a delicious buttery flaky feel. Everyone will ask you to bake it on repeat. Even my child’s eyes light up when I take them out of the oven !! Noelle, you are a smart girl.


With this recipe, I guarantee that you will finally feel confident baking the bread. 🙂


* Ingredients:


° 500 g flour.


° 250 ml of milk.


° 50 g butter.


° 7 g yeast.


° 3 tablespoons of sugar.


° 3 g salt.


° egg, choose a large egg.


* Preparation:



* Step 1 – Mix the milk and butter together and warm them on the stove at first, but do not boil the milk.


Step 2 – In a bowl, you will want to sift the flour and salt and make a hole in the center. Put the yeast and eggs into the well once you’re done.


* Step 3 – You should sprinkle the sugar on the flour now and add the milk mixture to the well and mix it well, noting that it is not liquid.


* Step 4 – The dough should then be kneaded and inserted into a greased bowl, sealed with plastic wrap or a wet dish towel.


Make sure to let it rise until it has doubled in size.


* Step 5 – Aging must be kneaded at this level to expel the air from the dough.


* Step 6 – Cut straight into smaller pieces, roll them into round balls and place after the first rise on a baking tray.


* Step 7 – Cover the tray with a damp cloth or plastic wrap.


* Step 8 – Let it rise again. While it Doubles In Size an oder time , you can bake it in a preheated oven.


Step 9 – Bake for about 26 minutes at 185 minutes.


Enjoy !



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