How to Clean Jewelry Naturally and Silverware Too !


Silver is a versatile metal with a soft luster, which makes silver a beautiful jewelry. Unfortunately, silver is also very brittle compared to many of the more common metals, and stains and scratches can quickly develop on this metal. It can also be intimidating to try to clean silver nuggets because they are so delicate. However, you do not have to be a professional or use expensive tools to clean your silver yourself.

See Step 1 to learn how to clean silver jewelry.

Pour 2 cups hot water to a bowl. You only need enough to cover the jewelry you are cleaning. This method works as a gentle cleanser that removes tarnish without scraping the silver. If the silver is slightly dirty, a salt bath will remove the stains immediately.
If you are cleaning a lot of jewelry at one time, you can use more water. And use less water for just one piece of jewelry.
If the jewelry contains gemstones, make sure that they will not be affected by drowning them in the salt water. This solution is suitable for most types of gemstones, but if you are cleaning very fine jewelry with expensive gemstones, it is best to take it to a professional to avoid any problem.

Add salt and aluminum foil. Rotate one teaspoon of salt in hot water with a spoon until the salt is completely dissolved. Take an aluminum foil and cut some foil, then place it in a bowl. The mixture of salt and aluminum will react with stains on the surface of silver, creating a shiny and bright surface instead of stains.
Deformations occur when the surface of silver combines with sulfur and turns silver sulfide into a black color. And when silver sulfide reacts with aluminum in a saline solution, the chemical reaction between these substances turns silver sulfide into silver again. This reaction occurs faster when the solution is warm.
If you don’t have table salt, you can use baking soda instead. They contain the right properties to facilitate the chemical reaction itself.
Dip the jewelry in the solution. Leave it there for 5 minutes. Move it around a little to see if the stains fade. When you see that the silver has regained its shine, remove it from the solution.
If you are working with heavily tarnished silver, you may need to repeat this process two or more times. Make sure the solution is completely hot, as the reaction is much slower if this solution is cold.
Rinse out the jewelry. Run it under cold water to get rid of the salt, then dry it gently with a soft garment or soft-fiber towel. The jewelry will look like new. You still see signs of smear, repeat the process until it looks clean.