How To Make Oreo Delight


With an Oreo crust, a cream cheese layer, a pudding layer, finished with whipped toppings and crushed Oreo cookies, Oreo Delight is a rich and fluffy no-bake dessert. For a summer potluck, it is a cool and refreshing treat.

– 2+3/4 Cup.Of milk.
– 1 PKG.Of regular “Oreos”
– Softened Cream cheese(about 8oz).
– 1 large PKG.Of chocolate instant pudding.
– Cool Whip(About 16oz).
– 1 Cup.Of powdered sugar.
– 6 T.Of melted butter.

– STEP 1- Crush and save about one cup of cookies to sprinkle on top.
– STEP 2- Mix the remaining crumbs in a shallow bowl of honey.
– STEP 3- To build a crust, press crumbs/butter mixture into the bottom of a 9 x 13 cake pan.
– STEP 4- Make chocolate pudding according to package instructions and allow it to be set up in the refrigerator
– STEP 5- Mix half a cold whip, melted cream cheese, and powdered sugar in a big bowl using the electric mixer.
– STEP 6- On top of the Oreo crust, spread the cool whip/cc/sugar mixture.
– STEP 7- On top of that, spread the pudding over the cool whip layer, and the remaining layer of the cool whip mixture. Until ready to serve, store it in the refrigerator.
Uh, ENJOY!!!

• Make sure you encourage sufficient softening of the cream cheese or it will be lumpy.
• You may use Oreo pudding mix instead of chocolate for more oreo flavor.
• You can keep it in the fridge for 3 to 4 days.




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