Leave a Glass of Water With Salt And Vinegar In Your Home And See The Changes In 24 Hours !


The energy in the house is a mixture of the energies of all family members, such as different emotions and feelings, and at times, the house may be completely filled with negative energies, and it has a negative impact on the relationships between the family.
To find out if your house contains negative energies, there is an easy method based on using a transparent bottle that does not contain any drawings, then put in a third of the bottle some sea salt, and fill two-thirds of the bottle with white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, then cover the last third with water.

In the next step, you can place the bottle in a room that you think is filled with negative energies, and leave it in place without movement for 24 hours.

After the time has passed, you should monitor the bottle, if no changes appear in the bottle, this means that your room is free of negative energies, but if it is stained with dust or dyed green, then it indicates the presence of negative energies.

In the end, the content of the bottle must be disposed of in the toilet .



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