Melted milk chocolate or dark chocolate


Chocolate is a delightful ingredient that evokes the senses with its silky texture, cocoa aroma, and sweet flavor. However, there are two factors that are important when making fancy chocolate or candy molds, coatings, or decorations with a pleasant texture. The first is choosing the right kind of chocolate and secondly, knowing how to properly condition it.


There are many types of chocolate like white, milk, and dark, but you want to make sure to use a high quality cocoa butter. You will also need to know the specific temperature ranges for melting and tempering to achieve a smooth consistency.


* Ingredients:


° Melted milk chocolate or dark chocolate

° 3 cups coconut chips

° 1 cup condensed milk


* Directions :


Shredded coconut is mixed with condensed milk, shaved into a rectangular shape, shaved in freezer for 20 minutes and then dipped in melted chocolate. Place almonds in it and relish joys of almond be creative !!


Enjoy !



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