Mix These 3 Ingredients To Regrow Thick, Strong Hair In No Time




Is your hair thick and falling out ? Do you suffer from a disease that made you lose a portion of your hair ? Your hair is thin and you want to intensify it? Here are the most important natural recipes for hair thickening.


Hair intensification with natural recipes

It may be difficult to change the structure of the hair and strengthen it, but it is not impossible, especially when you follow some natural recipes and regularly use them, this undoubtedly will improve the appearance of the hair and increase its strength.


Causes of hair loss

Baldness and hair loss are very common conditions, and it is more prevalent among males than among females, and many factors play a large role in what happens, and these factors include:


Old age.

Heredity and genetics.


Allergic reactions to certain chemicals or natural substances.

Having a disease.

Although some products available in the market may help to give hair a more intense appearance, there are many natural solutions that may gradually address the problem, regardless of the reason behind it.

Natural ways to intensify hair

There are many components that Mother Nature has given us that are useful in improving the health of the body in general, and in combating some health and aesthetic problems, including hair problems, and these are some of them:


1- Eggs to intensify hair

Eggs contain high levels of proteins, which are the main component in the hair structure, giving it a strong, shiny and dense appearance, especially if it is applied topically to the hair regularly.


The first way to use eggs:


Mix or whisk 1-2 eggs well.

Apply the resulting mixture directly to damp hair and scalp.

Wash hair with warm water and a suitable shampoo.

The second way to use eggs:


Mix two egg yolks, one tablespoon of olive oil and two teaspoons of water.

Apply the resulting mixture to scalp and dry hair (not wet hair).

Let mixture on hair about 15 minutes.

Wash hair with warm water and a suitable shampoo.

The number of times of use

It is recommended that you follow this method 1-2 times a week, and continue to do this for several weeks so that you can see clear results.


2- Olive oil to intensify hair

Olive oil contains a high percentage of omega-3 acids, in addition to other nutrients that are very important and necessary to strengthen hair and maintain its health.


Regular use of olive oil on the hair and scalp intensifies the hair and softens it and moisturizes the dry scalp.


How to use olive oil

Here are the ideal steps for using olive oil:


Heat the olive oil until it is warm at room temperature.

Massaage scalp with warming olive oil.

Leave the oil on for 30-45 minutes.

Washing hair with water also shampoo.

Some people may add a spoonful of honey to olive oil, and it is also possible to leave the oil on the hair for a full night before washing it while covering it with a bath hat.


3- Appropriate nutrition

You may need to improve your diet, as getting the nutrients you are missing may be the solution to your hair loss problem. So start today by including the following foods in your diet:


Salmon, due to its richness in proteins and fatty acids.

Eggs, which are high in protein, omega-3, and iron.

Raw nuts, such as walnuts and almonds, which are high in fatty acids.

Whole grains and green and black legumes are rich in protein.

4- Orange to intensify hair

Orange contains important nutrients for hair health, such as vitamin C, pectin, and some important acids, and all of these components give the hair a visible vitality and density.


The acids present in oranges help to break down and break down the remnants of harmful products that remain stuck in the hair, and unlike many other natural recipes, orange is characterized by its pleasant smell.


How to use orange to thicken hair

Puree a whole orange in an electric mixer, then put it on your scalp for an hour before washing it with water and shampoo, and some may need to use a light moisturizing conditioner after you are done.




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