My Granddaddy’s Favorite Brown Sugar Carmel Pound Cake For Those Who Enjoy Flavor



Today we offer you the way to make brown sugar cake, try it and enjoy its wonderful taste with your family:


* Ingredients:


° 3 cups flour.

° 2 cups brown sugar.

° A cup of white sugar.

° A cup of milk.

° A cup of crushed walnuts.

° Cup of caramel sauce.

° ½ cup caramel flakes cup.

° A cup of softened butter.

° 5 large eggs.

° ½ 1 teaspoon liquid vanilla

° A small spoon of baking powder.

° ½ 1 teaspoon salt.


* Method:


Preheated oven  200 degrees.

Whisk the butter with an electric beater until it is creamy.

Add sugar of both types and mix well until fluffy.

Add egg after egg and vanilla while continuing to beat.

Alternately add the flour, baking powder and salt with the milk and mix well until the ingredients are mixed.

Add the caramel chips and walnuts, and stir with a spoonful from bottom to top.

Pour the mixture into a greased tray and put it in the oven for 60 – 75 minutes.

Leave the cake to cool down, then spread on the caramel sauce.





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