New Year Cake


the ingredients:

Seven eggs. Three quarters of a cup of sugar. One teaspoonful of flannel. 1/4 teaspoon salt. Three quarters of a cup of flour. Three tablespoons of butter. Ingredients of the filling: 2 cups of the cream of the whisk. Half a cup of butter. Seven hundred and fifty grams of black chocolate. How to prepare

How to prepare:

Place eggs, sugar, vanilla, salt in a bowl, and plug together well. We remove the flour, add it to the mixture gradually and mix well after each addition. Add the butter to the mixture, mix well, then put the mixture in a pre-furnished oven tray with a butter sheet. Add the Chinese to the oven at a cool temperature for 10 minutes until cooked. We take the tray out of the oven, cover the cake with a towel, and leave it aside. Dip chocolate in a bowl in a water bath. Put the butter with the cream on low heat, and leave the mixture until boiling. Add the cream mixture to the melted chocolate gradually with the continuous stirring after each addition, then leave the mixture aside to cool down. Divide the cake horizontally into two parts, then cover the face of the first section with half the amount of filling, then add directly the second part of the cake. Decorate the face of the cake with the remaining amount of filling, while also decorating the edges. Her face can be decorated with fruit or chocolates.



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