New york cheesecake cookies recipe

You’ll love this easy New York Cheesecake From Scratch Recipe – crispy cookies topped with refreshing light cream cheese and lemon creme!

New York Cheesecake Cookies are a twist on the classic cheesecake recipe. Love how crunchy, chewy, thick and soft they are, not to mention their creamy lemon and cheese filling! My recipe skips the sugar when making the dough, because graham crackers already contain it. With a sweet topping, these are delicious and quite sweet!

You can make this recipe with Graham Cracker Crumbs, or with Graham Crackers, like I do. Break the cracker into pieces, place it in a food processor and pulse until the crackers are evenly crushed. This recipe calls for 11/4 Graham Cracker Crumbs, or approximately 16-17 squares of Graham crackers, mixed.

* Ingredients:

° 200g of butter (two fingers)

° 3/4 cup sugar

° 2 and a quarter cups of flour

° 2 eggs

° 0.5 teaspoon of baking powder and baking soda

° A grain of salt

To make cheese we need,

° 12 pieces of Kiri cheese with 2 teaspoons of cheese or a large box of Philadelphia

° an egg

° 0.5 cups of sugar

* Preparation :

Mix the ingredients of the cookie and take small pieces larger than the size of the yolk

We put it in a cupcake tray

After finishing the amount, take a tablespoon of cheese and put it on the cookies

It is baked in a very hot oven

Duration of 10 to 12 minutes

Take out of the oven and let cool completely and decorate with a blueberry sauce or chocolate




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