No Bake Banana Split Dessert




A delicious banana dessert with a layer of graham biscuits, cream cheese filling, fresh banana, strawberry and topped with our homemade whipped cream. This easy, no-bake dessert is perfect to cool off this summer!


This dessert is a fun spin on an old-fashioned banana split. It all has the same flavors, but is served as a “cake” instead of the classic ice cream. It is the perfect refreshing summer dessert for a crowd and is a great dish to grill.


I’m a big fan of the no-bake desserts in the summer, and this banana-infused dessert is at the top of my list. This recipe is the perfect way to turn a beloved ice cream into a delicious treat for the crowd.


It’s layers of butter graham cracker crust, pineapple cream cheese filling, fresh strawberries, bananas and homemade whipped cream. Then finish off the traditional toppings like chocolate syrup, chopped nuts, and cherry marachino. Talk about a flavor party in your mouth!


3 delicious layers

Shell.  Once mixed, you will press the crust evenly into the bottom of a 9 x 13 greased baking dish. I like to cool my crust in the refrigerator for a few minutes to help it bind.


filling. Next comes the filling, which consists of a mixture of soft cheese, filtered pineapple and sugar. Mix it with a hand mixer, then pour it over the crust. Then we add a layer of fresh strawberry and banana slices.


Topping. Homemade whipped cream is the final topping. Whisk heavy cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla until smooth peaks form. Make sure the bowl and paddles are frozen for about 10 minutes to help the tops form faster.  Cool dessert until ready to serve.


Favorite covers

Right before serving, add all your favorite split banana toppings! You can add them over the entire plate, or decorate each slice separately after they are covered.


Hot fudge or chocolate syrup

Chopped walnuts

Marashino cherry (without stem)

More slices of banana or strawberry

Toasted coconut




* Ingredients :


° Banana: 4 large grains (chopped)


° Graham cracker crumbs: 1 box


° Butter: 1 cup (about 1 stick) (melted)


° soft butter: 1 tablespoon


° Soft cream cheese: 1 cup


° Powdered sugar: 3 cups


° Heavy whipping cream: 1 1/2 cup


° crushed pineapple: 1 can


° Walnuts or pecans: 1 cup (chopped)


° rainbow sprinkles: 1 tablespoon


* Method :



  1. In a big bowl, placing graham crumbs, adding melted butter. Sweetly pressure a crust on bottom of glass plate & let it cooled in refrigerator about 16 min .



  1. Then mix the cream cheese with a tablespoon of soft butter and powdered sugar and mix until the mixture is creamy. I always use a hand mixer to blend the mixture perfectly.



  1. Once done, you can spread the cream cheese mixture over the crust of cooled graham biscuits.


  1. You will require to adding a layer banana slices & spreading pineapple section on banana.


  1. You can then brush the pineapple slices with a cold whisk.



  1. Well yet , make sure to using divided pecans about decorate & spraying rainbow drizzle on top.


  1. And please cool for 5 hours and serve







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