Nougat Bars just 3 ingredient



At my lady’s kitchen, we shared how white nougat is made


* the ingredients :


° Egg whites

° Pinch of salt

° Vanilla

° A cup and a half of sugar

° ½ cup of honey

° ¼ cup of water

For the filler:

° Roasted peanuts

° dried fruit


* Steps:


To make sherbet or nougat stick, put sugar, honey and water on the stove until it boils

We test the oud by placing a point of sherbet in a plate of water, and the first thing that remains is a solid ball that has reached the required oud.

In the perineum, we beat the egg white and a pinch of salt and vanilla until it becomes foamy

Pour the sherbet on the egg white and continue to beat the eggs with the beater until we get the desired consistency

Stir in the roasted peanut nougat and dried fruits and spread them onto an oiled bag with the desired thickness

And we put it in the refrigerator for the night, and then we cut it and serve it, and we would like it






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