Ranch Potatoes Recipe



It couldn’t be easier than this potato … yummy

* Ingredients :

° 4-5 potatoes
° Roast parsley
° Spoonful of salt
° Fingal olive oil
° Two or three garlic cloves, as desired
° Equal amounts of:
° Black pepper powder and red pepper
° Thyme
° Dried mint leaves
° Two tablespoons of vinegar

* Steps:

Boil potatoes without peeling half of only boiling
Chop the parsley finely chopped
Prepare a mixture of olive oil with parsley, vinegar, thyme and pepper, and chop the garlic, soft and small, and leave it with them for a while until it is mixed with the oil
Cut the potatoes like the size of potato wedges without peeling of course and put them on the mixture, then arrange them on an oven tray
The oven is running from the top and the bottom, and we put the tray in the oven and leave it in the oven for about half an hour until we feel that it is flat and reddened and well





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