School hot rolls


So incredibly easy to make and wonderfully delicious, these 30-Minute Dinner Rolls are the perfect addition to any meal!
There is truly no smell as amazing as fresh warm bread or rolls coming out of the oven! I remember coming home from school to the smell of freshly baked buns or bread, ready and waiting as the perfect after school snack! To this day when I smell fresh baking, I am immediately transported to that happy time and place of my childhood.
Fast forward to today with busy work schedules, running to kids activities and trying to simply keep up with life, it is difficult to put together a meal – let alone add on the extras!
This 30-Minute Dinner Roll recipe is wonderful because it is truly so easy to prepare, the buns take a short time to rise and the result is such a delicious treat that it is worth the extra effort! What a great side to enjoy with a hot and tasty bowl of soup or chili!
I love the convenience of buying dinner rolls from the store and the quality is very nice. In most cases however, store bought items have additives or preservatives in order to keep a longer shelf life. Making these homemade dinner rolls from scratch ensures that nothing is added except wholesome goodness! And these tasty little buns never last long enough to have to worry about shelf life!
If you are lucky enough to have any left over the next day, they do stay fresh and are so wonderful served with butter and jam in the morning! I love to enjoy this special treat with my morning coffee – it is comfort food at it’s best!
Our sense of smell is one of the most highly acute of all our senses and tends to influence our mood. It is no small wonder that when we smell freshly baked dinner rolls, it makes us feel happy and excited in anticipation of these tender, tasty treats!
Here is how to prepare it:

You’ll Need

1 qt. of warm water.
1 cup of sugar.
1 cup of powdered milk.
1 cup of oil.
1 tbsp. of salt.
2 packages of yeast.
7-9 cups of all purpose flour.

How to MAKE

In a bowl, mix together the water, yeast and sugar to dissolve yeast.
In a separate bowl, mix together the milk, salt and 5 cups of flour. In the first bowl, if the yeast is dissolved, add in the oil then pour into the second bowl with the dry ingredients.
Add the rest of the flour a little at a time until you get the right consistency. The dough shouldn’t be too sticky neither too heavy.
Let the dough rest to double size.
Make the rolls and bake in a preheated oven to 350 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes.
The best part about this recipe is that you can use it for rolls, buns, loaves, pizza crust or pig in a blankets.
Simple easy, and quick to make. If you want to go back to your school days, this will definitely remind you of that!



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