Spaghetti with chicken


the ingredients:

500 g with taste quality 500 g chicken 250 g tomato paste herring spoon chopped onion 100 g grated cheese four cloves garlic leaf rand four tablespoons oil 100 g chickpeas diced potato sweet potato pepper half teaspoon red pepper black pepper salt

How to prepare:

Cut the chicken meat, mix with black pepper and salt, fry with oil and onion and then add tomatoes, herring, red pepper, rand and chickpeas with a liter of water and leave on fire for an hour with the addition of water when needed. When softened meat add potatoes, pepper, garlic and leave to boil until the sauce coars. The water is mixed in hot water until cooked. Raise the chicken, rand and greens from the sauce, mix with the corned, decorate the leaves of chicken, vegetables, grated cheese, health and healing.



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