Stuffed Bell Peppers


These stuffed bell peppers are filled with a mixture of ground beef, tomato sauce and rice, then topped with cheese and baked to perfection. A classic dish that’s comfort food at its finest!

I love to prepare stuffed veggies such as stuffed zucchini, stuffed cabbage and these fabulously delicious stuffed peppers. My family requests this recipe time and time again, it’s just that good.
Stuffed bell peppers have been popular for many years for good reason – they’re totally delicious! My version features a hearty beef and rice mixture with plenty of melted cheese. Serve your stuffed peppers as-is, or add a side salad for a meal that your family will be sure to love.
Prepare the bell peppers by slicing off the tops and removing the seeds. Bake the empty peppers to soften them up before you add the filling. The filling for these peppers is a mixture of ground beef, tomato sauce, rice and cheese. After the peppers have softened, they’re filled with the stuffing and a layer of cheese goes over the top. Bake your peppers until they’re completely tender, then add a sprinkling of parsley and serve.

Here is how to prepare it:
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