You Will Not Believe What Will Happen If You Spray Your Bed With Alcohol ?



Many people use rubbing alcohol as a disinfectant or to remove sticky substances . But, besides cleansing, it has other uses that most people are not familiar with . Sprinkle alcohol on your bed



  1. Get rid of bed bugs


Getting rid of bed bugs can be a real problem for many people. But even if you are very careful, these bugs can creep into your home after a vacation or while staying in an unhealthy friend’s house. In this regard, rubbing alcohol can help kill these harmful parasites. To take advantage, just fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spray thickly on your pillows and mattresses. Since bed bugs lay eggs, it is important to repeat this process several times to get rid of them completely.


  1. Replace deodorant


If you forget your deodorant at home while you are away on the weekend, don’t panic. Alcohol kills the bacteria that cause bad breath in the body, and it is easy to find in every first aid kit. But be sure to use it temporarily, as prolonged exposure to alcohol can irritate the skin.


  1. Cooling package:


If you put alcohol in the freezer, it will not turn into ice cream, but rather into a huge, thick clutch. Why is this important? With this feature, you can use alcohol to make your own cooling carpet. Cast 1 Part Alcohol also 2 parts water to a plastic bag. Making sure to removing as much air as possible before putting it in the freezer. After an hour, the mixture is ready for use. You can utilize it as an ice pack about an injury .


4- Killing the lice


Rubbing alcohol is also very effective in killing lice. Fill a drizzle bottle with Alcohol and adding a some drops of lavendered oil. Go outside as well, apply mixture to your scalp and hair. Cut your hair to remove dead lice. The Wisconsin Department of Public Health recommends soaking lice combs in the mixture for at least an hour to make sure all the insects are taken care of .



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